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We prefer the broad humanity of the "Cowboy Law" to the cold and technical construction which would make the intended beneficence of the law a mockery and delusion, and take the bread of the soldier and the wage earner from the mouths of his wife and children to glut the maw of an insatiate creditor.

Elliot v. Hall, 3 Idaho (Hasb.) 421, 31 P. 796 (1892)

Knowledge, Communication, Negotiation: The basic tools.

  • Your attorney  should explain the law which  may apply to your problem. Knowledge of the law for your situation  enables you and your attorney to formulate a plan.
  • Communication of your intentions and goals to potential adversaries may help resolving problems. Lack of effective communication causes misunderstandings and is at the root of most litigation.
  • Negotiation is often the most effective tool to resolve disputes, because the solution is created by the participants rather than being imposed by a judge.
  • Litigation uses the power of the court system to enforce the best solution when communication and negotiation fails.

This combination of tools is applicable in various situations and will allow you to achieve your objectives when navigating through the legal system.

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